3D Game Engine

Last summer I decided it was time to move on from 2D games and started to work on a 3D game engine. “Ant Wars in Space” was a demo to show off the engine I created. It can hardly be considered a game. The demo consists of an endless battle between the red and black armies. As soon as one ship is destroyed, another takes it’s place.

You can use a gamepad to play the game or use the keyboard. The mouse can be used to look around. If you are using a ps2 controller, the left analog stick is used to move and the right to look around. There are a few buttons I used for testing. ‘0’ and ‘9’ toggles drawing of hit boxes. ‘L’ turns on a effect that I didn’t implement in the demo. The effect turns the screen red and blurs the view, it was suppose to be used when the player gets hit. I never got around to putting it in, but you can check it out anytime by holding down the ‘L’ key. The screen shot above is an example of this special effect.

The models used in the game were created by me when I really sucked at modeling (I am still rather bad at it). I didn’t use textures since at the time I was just plain terrible at it. The textures are still in the models folder, so you can see for yourself how terrible it was. So instead of using textures I went with a sort of cel shaded deal to cover up the fact that I couldn’t make nice textures. I am not an artist, just a programmer.

As with all of my projects, I wrote this in C. I used OpenGL and SDL as an alternative to Direct X. This allows me to make this program cross platform. The download includes a windows and linux executable. I works on macs as well, but I don’t currently have access to a mac to compile it.

The resolution is at 1440×900 (the resolution of the laptop which I made the demo in). I didn’t implement any means to change the resolution since it was never meant to be distributed, just to be shown off.